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So I'm watching the 2005 movie right now and was thinking about the bit in the beginning when Elizabeth tells Darcy that poetry kills love and then says she recommends dancing to encourage affection, well then at the next ball he asks her to dance, obviously to show affection. So I'm 100% convinced that if she hadn't said that he would have written her poems and I'm DYING to know what a Darcy love poem sounds like.

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OH MY GOSH you’re right!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, anyone, help us out!!!! LBD!Darcy would be so cute and robotic and cheesy, but I have no idea what regency!darcy would sound like. AHHHH!!!!!



Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Honey is sweet,

This is a charming house.

Spot on and perfect.



Why Geocaching is the Perfect Sport for Readers

Libraries have picked up on readers’ interest. Librarians and staff in many different states have placed caches in their libraries in an effort to encourage reading and visits. They are some of the most fun caches out there. Not only are you likely to visit a new library but you are almost always required to do some creative thinking in order to find the actual spot (even after you have found the library).




Skipping a rock over a frozen pond makes the coolest noise.

stick around for the surprise ending

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We had a great time at #ArchivesSleepover on Saturday. Our guests came from states up and down the East Coast as well from the DC area.

The theme was “History, Heroes, and Treasure” and our archival explorers met an underwater archeologist from the National Park Service who is exploring the shipwreck of the “America” as well as representatives from the Navy History and Heritage Center.

They learned about mapping underwater shipwrecks and tried on tools used by underwater archeologists, as well as artifacts found in shipwrecks. They even had the chance to dress up as underwater archeologists!

They also had a chance to question famous explorers Meriwether Lewis and Matthew Henson as well as an archeologist during “Archives Reports.”

After a good night’s sleep on the marble floor of the Rotunda, they woke up to pancakes flipped and served by David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, and hot chocolate served by American Heritage Chocolate.

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